Genre / Subgenre: COMEDY / ROMANTIC
Duration: 92 min
Nationality: Spanish
Year of production: 2012
Language: Euskera
Abra Prod
Patxo Tellería , Aitor Mazo
Executive Producer
Joxe Portela
Gorka Otxoa, Sara Cózar , Bárbara Goenaga , Aitor Mazo , Itziar Atienza , Mikel Losada
Xabi visits the hospital to bid farewell to Maria, a friend on her deathbed due to an incurable heart condition. Before going in to see her, he discovers she's always been secretly in love with him, and comes up with the mad idea of saying that he feels the same in an effort to make "her last hours a little sweeter". Maria is so overjoyed that she makes a spectacular recovery. Xabi will have to continue pretending, because it would kill her to learn the truth: the doctors warn him that an upset would break her heart. What no-one knows is that Xabi already has a girlfriend who is expecting his baby. Xabi will lead double life, always on the edge of the precipice.